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We (Lingua Encartians) were sitting one day and pondering over the global scenario while sipping coffee when we were struck with this thought that world is not only divided by the countries and governments but also languages which is a major challenge with respect to globalisation. Also within ourselves we are divided across by our mind (thoughts), body (physical manifestations) and soul (consciousness) so how does our soul communicate with our mind and how does our mind talk to our body and so on. Science may have innumerable examples to prove existence and non/existence of souls and their connectivity to the mind or body, but what is the language they use, is it nervous system or the blood rushing to an area but these may be all physical level. What happens at a emotional level, what drives the perception, what creates a rational of thinking, all these questions end up becoming a food for thought for us.

We decided to embark upon this journey and started our research with sign language (the first ever language known to mankind, apologies women-kind too.

Then we explored further on the aspects of speech and our ability to write and thus came across global languages as the means to communicate across countries.

Thinking beyond, we realized that how training one's employees can benefit an organization as it not only prepares the workforce for foreign assignments giving that global corporate expansion edge to the organization, but also creates a great level of immunity for the challenges of the future. This makes a corporate anti-fragile! Finally, Lingua Encartians decided to share this individual and corporate level of expertise with the human race as a whole and voila, came up with the idea of a language school!

Take a look at our offerings and kindly do let us know what all you need, as for us every milestone is a fuel for the next destination and reaching every destination is a beginning of a new journey!!


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